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Do you need a computer?  We are offering a reconditioned laptop or Chromebook computer or tablet complete with software for only $10!  Contact us to get on the list.​

We also sell reconditioned Apple equipment at recent EBay sale prices.  The proceeds from these Apple sales allow us to subsidize the sales of non-Apple products.  We have laptops, all-in-one desktops, and iPads.  Contact us for current inventory and pricing.

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A Bit of Background

Tech To All was born in 2019 to carry on the mission of Denver Tech For All after the untimely death of its founder Rose Keating.  That mission is to take in used computers, recondition them, and distribute them at very low cost.​

Tech To All is a dba of Nonprofit Computing Services, Inc., a Colorado nonprofit corporation and a 501(c)(3) organization.  NCS documents can be found here.​

Tech To All is a 100% volunteer organization.  Nobody gets paid.  All donations are used to fund operational expenses such as purchases of parts used to recondition computers, liability insurance, shipping costs, etc.

We are located in industrial space generously donated by David & Robin Gamel.

Many of our laptops are generously donated by Action Computers (303) 759-1668


If you would like to contribute time, money, or equipment (laptops, Chromebooks, tablets or phones), please contact us!  Your donated equipment will be reconditioned and distributed, if possible.  If not, it will be responsibly scrapped.​

As there is no longer any demand for desktop computers, we no longer accept donations of desktops, monitors, keyboards, mice, cables, or printers.  Those items can be recycled for free (except monitors, which require a fee to be paid) at Best Buy.

Data Security for Donated Devices

Donated machines often have personal data on the hard drive.  This section describes the processes that Tech To All uses to destroy that data, keeping it secure for the donors.

1 - Secure custody.

All incoming material that may have donor data on it is placed in our locked cage.  Only authorized personnel have access to the cage.  These are volunteers who are removing items for provisioning, or accepting donations and placing them in the cage.

2 - Data destruction.

This is done via 1 of 2 methods.

 2a - Electrical.  If the drive powers up, we wipe it using a destructive testing process.  We write zeros to all sectors of the drive using the GPL program badblocks.  That securely overwrites the original data, destroying it.  We then read back the data to ensure that it's all zeros.  If it isn't, then the drive is bad, and we proceed to step 2B, physical destruction.

2b - Physical.  If we can't wipe the data using electrical means, then we render the drive inoperable by physically damaging it with a rock hammer.  This ensures that the platters can't rotate (mechanical drive), or that the flash memory chip(s) are destroyed (solid state drive).

3 - Not NAID certified.

These practices are a subset of what is recommended by the industry group NAID.  However, we are not certified by them, as their inspection / auditing fees, certification fees, and personnel drug testing policies are not something that we are willing to do at this point, given our business model.  Nor do we have 24/7 remote video recording of the cage, although it is in a locked building.


Tech to All makes available to individuals in the community the means to become skilled and competent in computer use; we do this by gathering donations, collecting and reconditioning used equipment, identifying qualified recipients and placing the appropriate equipment with them solely for their use and at a very low charge.


Tech to All pone a la disposición para individuos en la comunidad la oportunidad de convertirse en personas calificadas y competentes en el uso de computadoras; recoge donaciones, recolecta y reacondiciona equipos usados, identifica beneficiarios calificados y coloca el equipo adecuado únicamente para su uso y a muy bajo costo.


1709 S. Acoma St, Denver, CO 80223

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